Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc. and CHEP are lending a hand to feed the hungry by providing product handling support to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, which serves 330,000 people through 1,100 food pantries.

Retailers and manufacturers can ship donations to the charity on CHEP pallets at no charge. CHEP is also covering the costs of collecting empty pallets from Feeding America, which handles 14 million pounds of food annually and is part of the network formerly known as America’s Second Harvest.

Roundy’s, which has 155 grocery stores, has long supported Feeding America with products, money and volunteer time, according to a news release. In 2010, officials from Roundy’s asked CHEP to join in and the pallet company heeded the call.

The CHEP efforts not only help save costs for the food charity, said Gina Styer, communications manager for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

“CHEP’s participation helps us ensure the integrity of our product,” Styer said Feb. 25. “By not having to shift things from pallet to pallet we don’t end up with damaged products.”

Styer said the food charity uses about 250 pallets each month.

CHEP, Roundy’s help Feeding America