Gilroy, Calif.-based garlic giant Christopher Ranch LLC is launching Green Garlic, a new garlic product, to its retail and foodservice offerings.

Christopher Ranch to introduce green garlic

Courtesy Christopher Ranch

Green garlic is picked before the garlic is fully mature, said Patsy Ross, vice president of marketing, looks much like green onions and has a milder taste than conventional garlic.

“It’s green; it’s tender; it’s ready to go,” she said. “The opportunities are limitless.”

All of the young garlic, the stalk and bulb, may be used whole or diced and in a wide variety of salads and dishes, Ross said.

Christopher Ranch installed a new packing line and developed new packaging for the product.

“The green garlic will come in breathable, clear plastic bags displaying the Christopher Ranch logo,” Ross said. “It has a long shelf life. The ‘best if used by’ date printed on each bag will be 30 days from the packing date.”

Green garlic will be offered in cartons containing 12 3-ounce bags for retail, and four 1-pound bags for foodservice.

“We’ll be starting packing in about two weeks,” she said April 7.

The production of green garlic will run through October, she said.