Department managers at an upscale New York grocery store chain are “going wild,” taking over the store and offering shoppers deep discounts in the store’s new advertising campaign.

D’Agostino’s managers go mad in advertising campaign

In its “Managers Gone Wild” campaign, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Larchmont, N.Y., actual store managers appear in television ads showing them going crazy in offering low prices for loyalty cardholders.

The campaign advertisements have managers of departments, including produce, saying things such as “I’ve gone mad! Mad, I tell you!”

Produce manager John Vasapoli appears in one of the ads.

D’Agostino’s is also running the ads in taxis, on YouTube and through in-store promotional material such as signs and bags, according to an April 19 New York Times story.

According to the article, the campaign represents the first time in 10 years the local chain has advertised to attract new customers.

The chain, which has 24 neighborhood stores in Manhattan and in suburban New York’s Westchester County, is also heavily promoting its campaign through its Facebook page.