Duda Farm Fresh Foods has two new packages for the start of the Southern California meyer lemon crop.

Duda tries meyer lemons in new packaging

Courtesy Duda Farm Fresh Foods

A new 2-pound clamshell is one of two new packaging for meyer lemons Duda Farm Fresh Foods launches this season.

The season kicked the first week of November, with Oviedo, Fla.-based Duda & Sons Inc.’s Duda Farm Fresh Foods division shipping meyer lemons in a new 2-pound clamshell and 1-pound high-graphic bag.

The bag is a self-display bag, so it sits on a flat bottom, and features a resealable closure at the top, said Paul Huckabay, sales manager for western citrus at Duda’s Visalia, Calif., office. It uses technology from Smart Degradable Americas Ltd., a Calgary, Alberta-based sustainable packaging company formed by Rayton Produce Packaging Inc. and Fresh Technologies in 2009.

“The back part of the bag is reserved for recipes and it’s just very high-end and it really helps us differentiate the meyer lemon from the regular lemon in the produce department,” Huckabay said. “Meyer lemons are a little more of a gourmet specialty lemon, but they’re becoming more mainstream.”

The company uses the same graphics and recipes on a 2-pound clamshell.

“Last year we were doing more of a traditional-looking net header bag and we found that it caused some confusion with consumers,” Huckabay said. “They looked at that bag and a regular bag and there really wasn’t that much differentiation in packaging, so that pushed us to come up with a very different, high-end-looking design.”

Meyer lemons from the California desert, known in the citrus industry as district three, should be available through March, Huckabay said.