Epic Roots LLC, Salinas, Calif., and USA Pears, Milwaukie, Ore., are partnering this spring with a new promotion.

Epic Roots and USA Pears team up for spring salad

The promotion is aimed at getting more Epic Roots mâche salads and green anjou pears in shopping carts during March and April through a new recipe, according to a news release.
The recipe will also feature other seasonal spring items like tarragon, fennel and shallots.
The recipe will be on an on-pack booklet on all retail bags and clamshells of Epic Roots mâche rosettes and mâche mixes salade verte, red romance, salade aux herbes and salade europeen shipping from March 19 through April 3, according to the release.
A coupon is also included for customers to save $1 off two packages of any Epic Roots mâche salad.
In addition to the on-pack promotion, USA Pears and Epic Roots will use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to educate consumers on their respective products and about the promotion, according to the release.
Facts about pears and mâche will be broadcast throughout March and April, according to the release, along with nutrition facts, flavor profiles and growing region information. 
Epic Roots also teamed up with the California Pear Advisory Board last August for a similar promotion.