Trying to expand pears outside of baking and dessert uses, Epic Roots LLC is pairing with California bosc pears in a Labor Day salad promotion.

The promotion, which runs Aug. 24-Sept. 10, has the Salinas, Calif.-based Epic Roots affixing a recipe booklet to all of its retail clamshells and bags of mâche and mâche mixes.

The eight page book will include a recipe featuring California pears and Epic Roots mâche, nutritional information as well as use and pear ripening information.

The promotion also includes a $1 off coupon for buying two Epic Roots mâche salads.

The Sacramento-based California Pear Advisory Board and Epic Roots are launching the promotion to show how

Epic Roots partners with California pears on promotion
Epic Roots partners with California pears on promotion

bosc pears can also be used in salads, according to a news release.

The promotion also plays up on the nutritional benefits of salads and pears.

The program involves Epic Roots’ Salade Européen, Salade Aux Herbes, Red Romance and Salade Verte mâche packs.

Consumers can find more information at and