Hanline Farms is telling a fairy tale to help encourage children to eat more green beans.

Fairy tale helps Hanline sell green bean packs

Courtesy Hanline

Hanline Farms is using a fairy tale to help encourage children to eat more green beans.

R.S. Hanline & Co., Shelby, Ohio, is also launching a line of diced, sliced and chopped fresh vegetables.

Hanline’s Jack’s Magic Beans are steam bags designed to appeal to children and adults by linking the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale to how children can experience a new world of discovery and become a hero like Jack by eating the magic beans, according to a news release.

The triple-washed beans, packaged in anti-fog breathable bags, come in snipped green beans, green beans and red potatoes, and green beans and petite carrots varieties.

Tom Browning, Hanline’s director of sales and marketing, said consumers prefer fresh green beans over canned or frozen but said bagged fresh green beans represent just 3% of green bean sales.

Because convenience blocks increasing fresh sales, Browning said the steam bags solve the issue and offer more taste variety, the release said.

The beans are distributed to select retail chains throughout the U.S.

The fresh-cut vegetable line features 16 stock-keeping units of diced tri-peppers to sliced jalapeños in reusable plastic containers.

Packaging in the Fresh & Ready line features an oxygen barrier and a 100% edible absorbency pad to lessen purge and promote freshness.

The square container design allows retailers to stock the product more efficiently on the shelves, according to the release.