Blending their strategy for St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day and Earth Day, FirstFruits Marketing of Washington launched a campaign this month to keep their green apples in the spotlight while helping the nation’s forests.

Through its Support Healthy Forests campaign, the grower-owned marketing company has committed to donating a minimum of 10,000 trees to the National Arbor Day Foundation to help reforestation projects. In March, April and May special packaging will be used on all of their granny smith apples and point-of-sale materials will be available to retailers.

For each case of granny smith apples purchased, FirstFruits will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation, which will translate into one tree planted for every dollar donated. Andy Tudor, director of marketing for FirstFruits, said the campaign is in step with the company’s charitable mission.

“With the green, green, green opportunity coming up with St. Pat’s, Arbor Day and Earth Day, we saw an opportunity to help raise awareness and get green apples out in front,” Tudor said.

Any retailer in the country can participate and the program is supported with high-graphic display bins, posters and sign cards.