Frieda’s Specialty Produce has launched a YouTube channel with five brief videos featuring jicama, bitter melon, blood oranges, kiwano melon and cactus pears.

Titled “Frieda’s Specialty Produce 101,” the videos can be viewed at Their purpose is to inform retailers and consumers about unusual fruits and vegetables in an entertaining way, said Hazel Kelly, spokeswoman for Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s.

The company plans to post one new video monthly. The next will feature cherimoya, Kelly said.

Each video runs under two minutes and offers selection and handing tips, instructions to prepare and use, plus bits of trivia and humor.

Subscribers to the channel, as well as Frieda’s followers on Facebook and Twitter, will be notified when new videos are posted, Kelly said.

“Frieda’s products are so unique, they lend themselves well to creating a video,” Kelly said. “People respond well to video, more so than to the written word. Like the MTV generation, we get bored pretty fast. We try to keep it moving. It’s got to be quick, to the point and fun.”

Frieda’s envisions retailers passing on information they’ve gathered from the channel to shoppers.

“If a store is set up to show video they could do that, but we see it more as a way for the retailers to pick up a bit more fun information,” Kelly said.

Frieda’s use of social media has been worthwhile, she said.

“We don’t have any data at this time, but it’s a way for us to reach out directly to our consumers,” Kelly said. “Social media breaks down barriers between B2B and B2C. It’s a great way to keep your hand on the pulse of what’s going on out there.”