ANAHEIM, Calif. — Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Hot House Foods developed an information card, which it just started packaging inside its variety packs of baby eggplant.

The card includes tidbits on the nutritional value, common uses and where the eggplants come from, said Matt Mastronardi, salesman, at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Oct. 2-5.

“It educates consumers, and help retailers,” Mastronardi said. “It’s the item that retailers said they want to grow in that category.”

The company is also packaging fresh-cut vegetables in grill- or oven-ready aluminum packaging.

“Now you can throw the tray right on the barbeque or in the oven,” said Jamie Moracci, sales. “And the tray is recyclable.”

The grill-ready packs come in the Finest Flavors brand, or for private label, Moracci said. While the products displayed at the show were unseasoned, he said the company also offers a seasoning packet in some.

“Each blend has its own unique packaging for shelf life,” Moracci said. “There’s a lot of science behind the packaging.”

The company did a local launch this spring, and is now bring the 400-gram packages to the U.S.

Greenhouse grower offers fresh-cut grill-ready vegetables

Ashley Bentley

Jamie Moracci, salesman at Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Hot House Foods Inc. says the company's grill-ready packs of fresh-cut vegetables can also be cooked in an oven. Some of the packs include seasoning packets.