A redesigned website and the innovative use of QR codes recently earned Domex Superfresh Growers recognition from the Yakima, Wash., chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

In a news release from their headquarters in Yakima, Superfresh officials announced the award March 24, saying that the company’s electronic marketing tools are bringing it closer to consumers and therefore growing its customer base.

“We have always made our efforts to connect with consumers and educate them about our fruit a top priority at Superfresh Growers. In fact, our vision statement is that we will be the best in the world at connecting tree fruit growers to the end consumer,” said Superfresh marketing and communications manager Loren Queen in the release. “Our redesigned website is an ideal example of this focus.”

To further communicate with consumers, Superfresh began placing QR codes (quick response codes) on point-of-sale materials in the final quarter of 2010. Consumers can scan the codes with smart phones to find product information on a mobile website while they shop.

“The beauty of the QR code system is that you can quickly alter the information viewed, making them ideal to use for in-store promotions, or retailer or variety-specific information. QR codes are very useful in delivering content that can impact consumers at the point of sale,” Queen said in the release.

Domex Superfresh Growers specialize in apples, pears, cherries, apricots and other stone fruit. For more information visit their website at www.superfreshgrowers.com.