Responding to consumer research, L&M Cos. Inc. is trying to merchandise its potatoes to budget- and economy-minded consumers via packaging that emphasizes the basics.

L&M is also rolling out microwaveable sweet potatoes.

L&M introduces new packaging, microwaveable yams

Courtesy L&M

L&M is rolling out clear potatoes packaging designed to emphasize the basics. The grower-shipper is also introducing microwaveable sweet potatoes.

The Raleigh, N.C.-based grower-shipper is releasing the clear potato packaging that focuses on simplicity and value, said Glen Reynolds, L&M’s director of business development for potatoes and onions.

“The consumer actually connects with the values of simpler is better and a back-to-the-basics lifestyle,” he said. “This packaging is designed with all those lifestyle choices in mind. The way the graphics are designed, it shows the attributes the consumer is looking for, according to our research in consumer trends.”

Reynolds said L&M conducted regional testing on the packaging — which also features recipes — earlier in the year and said the new packaging applies only to potatoes for now.

L&M introduces new packaging, microwaveable yams

Courtesy L&M

L&M is marketing a microwaveable sweet potato.

L&M is releasing quick-bake microwaveable sweet potatoes.

The prewashed 8-ounce sweet potatoes come 36 per box, but can be custom-packed in various sizes to meet retailer requirements, Reynolds said.

L&M grows the sweet potatoes in Georgia and North Carolina where L&M has recently increased its acreage.

The red, white, gold and russet potatoes come in 5-, 8-, 10- and 15-pound bags.

L&M grows and sources the potatoes from Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Florida and Maine.

Reynolds said both items received strong retailer response at L&M’s booth at the Southeastern Produce Council conference and expo in Tampa on March 6.

(Note on correction: The article originally mischaracterized the size of the potatoes.)