The National Mango Board, Orlando, Fla., is celebrating mangoes in regional cuisine through the Mango Hometown Tour, a program that challenges local chefs to incorporate mangoes into their cooking.

Two chefs from six cities will compete to create recipes that reflect the best of their region along with a featured mango variety. A panel of judges from members of the local food media will evaluate the dishes. The board is also working with a retailer in each market to showcase mangoes for consumers during the event.

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring this love and passion we have for mangoes and bring it to parts of the country that have a great opportunity for growth in their mango consumption,” said Wendy McManus, director of marketing. “What’s different about Mango Hometown Tour compared to many of our marketing and publicity efforts is that we’re actually taking the message to the people.”

The board chose the six host cities for the event based on certain criteria. The board looked for markets that had room to grow in their mango consumption, media-friendly cities that would bring coverage to the event and cities that had a substantial population, McManus said.

The schedule started May 6-7 in St. Louis at Schnuck’s, and continues to:

  • Charlotte, N.C., May 13-14 at Harris Teeter;
  • Portland, Ore., June 17-18 at Fred Meyer;
  • Tampa, Fla., July 8-9 at Sweetbay Supermarket;
  • Cleveland, July 29-30 at Giant Eagle; and
  • Hartford, Conn., August 26-27 at Price Chopper.
Mango board sponsors recipe competition