Mann Packing and Litehouse Foods plan a Chinese New Year promotion starting Feb. 1. It will be the first of three joint promotions this year, said Elena Hernandez, marketing coordinator for Salinas, Calif.-based Mann Packing.

In February, 150,000 6-ounce trays of Mann Broccolini will carry an in-pack $1 coupon toward any Litehouse dressing, plus three Asian recipes. The meal ideas are Kobe beef Broccolini; sweet and spicy chicken stir-fry; and sesame salmon with sugar snap peas and mango.

“We partnered with Litehouse several times last year,” Hernandez said. “They’re a great company. For our second promotion we’re really going to push National Salad Month.”

The Salad Month promotion is set for May and will feature an instantly redeemable coupon and joint recipes. A third promotion is set for October and could have a football theme, but is still in development.

Litehouse specializes in refrigerated dressings without preservatives.

Mann, Litehouse promote Chinese New Year

Courtesy Mann Packing