A new fresh-cut vegetable tray with two kinds of dip, a lo mein stir-fry kit and cubed butternut squash are all new from Mann Packing this winter.

Mann Packing launches veggie tray, stir-fry kit

Courtesy Mann Packing

Mann Packing's Lo Mein Stir Fry, a 1999 original, is being brought back this winter.

The Salinas, Calif.-based company is relaunching its Lo Mein Stir-Fry, which combines its fresh broccoli coleslaw with packs of noodles and sauce for an all-in-one Asian meal. The product was first introduced in 1999, and is coming back because of consumer demand, Lorri Koster, vice president of marketing for Mann Packing, said in a news release.

The other two products are completely new this year, according to the release.

Also for cooking, the company is launching two sizes of diced butternut squash, a 12-ounce and 20-ounce package.

“We’ve had our eye on butternut squash for some time,” Koster said in the release. “It’s on trend, on the menu and growing in sales. It’s the perfect complement to our fresh-cut sweet potatoes and keeps our focus on cooking vegetable items.”

Mann Packing launches veggie tray, stir-fry kit

Courtesy Mann Packing

The Dip Combo platter, from Mann Packing, has both ranch and dill veggie dips, along with the traditional cut veggies.

In the fresh-cut snack tray department, the Dip Combo platter is new from Mann Packing. It is different from traditional fresh-cut veggie platters because it contains two dip options — home style ranch and creamy dill. It comes with celery, baby carrots and broccoli with two 3.5-ounce tubs of dip.

“Sales of fresh veggie platters are steady, but not growing like they used to,” Koster said in the release. “We are responding by adding new twists to traditional favorites.”

More information about the products is available at www.veggiesmadeeasy.com.