Mann Packing Co. Inc., the Salinas, Calif.-based grower-packer-shipper of pre-washed, ready to use vegetables, has launched a series of how-to videos specifically designed for YouTube.

Mann Packing takes customer service to YouTube

“We focused first on the most frequently asked questions,” said Gina Nucci, director of healthy culinary innovation, “These videos are quick solutions for busy people, and YouTube is a free, easy-to-use tool that allows consumers to learn more about Mann Packing, our product line, with helpful cooking tips and usage ideas.”

A link to the YouTube videos is found on the company’s website, Mann Packing also plans to use its newsletter to spread the word about the how to videos and will likely put the YouTube information on the next round of packaging changes, Nucci said.

“Many of today’s consumers have been brought up on fast food and often don’t think outside of using vegetables as a side dish,” she said. “They sometimes get cornered into doing vegetables just one way.”

The Mann Packing videos offer fresh ideas with convenience.

“People really want the recipes and to be able to watch how it’s done quickly,” Nucci said.

The first of the video series was shot at the Monterey Culinary Center with the assistance of California chef Kevin Hincks. More segments are coming in 2011, Nucci said, and some will be shot in house. The videos are designed to fit into today’s hectic schedules.

“We’re finding more and more people want to offer their families healthy solutions, but they just don’t know how to do it,” Nucci said. “That’s going to be our focus: making the fresh, healthy vegetable solutions easy.”