MONTREAL — Josée Houle, director of national produce procurement for Montreal-based Metro Richelieu Inc., won the 2011 Mary FitzGerald award at the annual CPMA convention April 15.

FitzGerald, who died in 2005, was a passionate supporter of the produce industry during her 40-year career at Chiquita Brands International, and encouraged young people.

In her honor, an award is presented each year to a Canadian in the produce industry under 40 who’s passionate about produce and innovative in their career. The winner is selected by CPMA, Chiquita and the FitzGerald family.

Houle is also a board member of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association.

Metro Richelieu director receives FitzGerald award

Courtesy Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Josée Houle (from left), of Montreal-based Metro Richelieu Inc. recieves the Mary FitzGerald Award during the Canadian Produce Marketing Association conference from Les Mallard of Chiquita, and CPMA past president Danny Dempster.