Grow-it-yourself mushroom kits are for sale in U.S. produce departments.

Mushroom kit comes to Whole Foods, other retailers

Courtesy Back to the Roots

The kits, made by Oakland-based Back to the Roots, contain substrate made from used coffee grounds, said Karen Brux, a spokeswoman for the company.

Packages contain substrate and a mister. The bags are slit open, placed on a windowsill and misted twice a day. Oyster mushrooms appear in about a week, and are ready for harvest after 10 days. Each kit yields two to four harvests, or about a pound of mushrooms.

A year ago they were available in just one local retail chain. Now, they’re sold at Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Inc. and in other gourmet food stores and retail chains, Brux said.

“There’s really nothing like it in the market,” Brux said. “They’re not only sustainable and a great way for parents to get their kids involved in produce, they also grow fabulous tasting oyster mushrooms.”