The New Mexico Department of Agriculture has launched its 2010 Get Your Fix promotion for New Mexico green chiles.

The promotion has spread to Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas; Long Beach, Calif; and various cities in Texas and Virginia. Retail stores there are handing out recipes and information cards that explain, among other facts, that the spelling c-h-i-l-e is New Mexico-specific, to differentiate from the meat and tomato dish. There are also workshops with displays and demonstrations so consumers can learn how to use the chile.

“The stores easily sell hundreds of pounds of chile on these days, but ultimately it’s the New Mexico farmer who benefits,” Noreen Jaramillo, NMDA public information officer, said in a news release.

Get Your Fix has been going seasonally since 2004, and has since become the NMDA’s biggest promotion. It is responsible for the 2,400 retail stores outside of the state with green chiles, which has also increased the pepper’s value to $57.4 million in 2009.

New Mexico green chile 2010 promo launched

Courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture hosted a promotion for its green chiles on Aug. 21 in a Bristol Farms in Long Beach, Calif.