After extensive testing, Pandol Bros. Inc. is rolling out its rinse and serve consumer packaging nationwide.

Pandol’s ‘cube’ grape container goes national

Courtesy Pandol Bros.

Pandol Bros. is nationally introducing its rinse and serve consumer packaging.

Designed to be held directly under a home kitchen faucet, the Delano, Calif.-based grower-shipper’s Quick Rinse Cube has been tested at two California chains to test handling, product positioning and store merchandising, according to a news release.

Pandol has incorporated what it learned from the tests into its national launch that occurred at the start of this year’s California grape season, according to the release.

“Because this package represents a significant advancement, we knew it would require rigorous testing,” said Tristan Kieva, Pandol’s director of business development and marketing, in a news release. “The insight we gained proved invaluable and, as a result, we made several improvements to our package design and go-to-market strategy.”

Pandol has filed for a patent on the 2-pound clear plastic container that allows for complete rinsing of the grapes and features instructions and “wash & go” graphics explaining the rinse and serve feature and product benefits.

The clear cube shows the grapes from all sides.

That’s important because research shows more than half of shoppers buy grapes on impulse, Kieva said in the release.