Starting Nov. 8, Foxy iceberg lettuce heads will carry a $5 rebate offer on Sony’s DVD of the movie “Eat Pray Love.”

Over a seven-week period, ten million heads of Foxy lettuce will have the offer, according to the brand’s marketer, Salinas, Calif.-based The Nunes Co. Shoppers who buy two heads and the DVD — not necessarily on the same trip or at the same store — can get $5 by mailing proofs of purchase.

“We’re after that incremental sale,” Nunes vice president of marketing Matt Seeley said.

Seeley said the movie tie-in can bring the kind of attention commodities don’t always get.

“We’ve got a stable item with iceberg lettuce,” he said. “We’re looking for ways to add value. There are certain times that it makes sense to offer things that differentiate you from other (commodities) that are on the shelf at the same time.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment proposed the idea to Nunes.

“They were familiar with our velocity, the number of units we’re able to ship,” Seeley said. “Ten million heads is a tremendous impression. From that standpoint it made sense to them to approach us.”

Most Nunes cross-promotions have been for salad ingredients like dressings or croutons. A couple involved children’s movies, Seeley said, but “Eat Pray Love” is the first mainstream film.

“It’s got to make sense for the product,” he said. “Given the content of this movie, we felt it was ideal for our key demo, which is women. It’s a natural tie-in. The food aspect of it is part of (lead actress Julia Roberts’) spiritual awakening.”

Gourmet Trading Company and Ocean Mist Farms are also cross-promoting “Eat Pray Love.”

Los Angeles-based Gourmet Trading will tag 2.5 million green asparagus and 350,000 white asparagus units with $4 mail-in rebate stickers from the week of Thanksgiving through Dec. 31, said Julia Inestroza, marketing director.

Qualifying purchases are for 2 pounds of any combination of green or white asparagus, Inestroza said.

Starting Nov. 30, Ocean Mist has a $3 coupon for the movie on artichokes. The Castroville, Calif.-based company plans to attach 3,000 of the instantly redeemable coupons to bulk artichokes.

Ocean Mist will also provide the coupon directly to the 7,500 members of its Artichoke Aficionados Club online at www.oceanmist.com.

The Ocean Mist promotion is also set to run through Dec. 31.

Produce companies cross-promote ‘Eat Pray Love’