Continuing its expansion into vegetables, Purity Organic Produce is adding Caribbean sweet peppers from the Dominican Republic to its line of certified organics.

The first shipment arrived Feb. 21 at select Whole Foods and other grocery stores across the U.S., according to a March 18 news release.

The San Francisco-based Purity has traditionally specialized in fresh fruits. The new peppers are only the second vegetable to be added to the company’s product line.

Described in Purity’s news release as “a rare variety for commercial production, particularly as an organic commodity, the Caribbean sweet pepper grows no larger than the palm of one’s hand, has very few seeds and when ripe, the orange, red or yellow flesh is crunchy … Known for being one of the sweetest varieties of bell peppers, it is recommended to be consumed raw, like an apple or other hand fruit, making it an easy snack choice.”

Purity is working with a grower who is an agricultural biologist in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. The farm was established about a year ago at the base of the Sierra De Baoruco mountains and is the first agricultural operation in the area, according to Purity’s release.

Purity Organic has been working directly with organic growers since 1993 to promote sustainable agriculture. Offerings include seven citrus fruits, apples, pears, pomegranates, stone fruit, cherries, fingerling potatoes and avocados.