Ample supplies of mangoes are becoming available for shipping and the National Mango Board is encouraging retailers to use Cinco de Mayo promotional materials to set the tone in their produce aisles with a Cinco de Mango theme.

A popular fruit in Mexican culture, the mango has made great strides in the past two decades in the U.S. with the board reporting a fourfold increase in mango consumption from 1990 to 2009. With more Americans joining in Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the board has developed point-of-sale promotional materials and is offering them to retailers for free.

Materials include recipe tearpads and header card sets featuring mango salsa, mango and black bean salad, mango-ritas (a cousin of the margarita) and more. The board also has free POS materials to educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of the fruit and how to cut and prepare fresh mangoes.

“So many consumers here in the U.S. just don’t know how to cut a mango or how to judge the ripeness of the fruit. They love mangoes, but many of them don’t know how to handle them,” said Wendy McManus, mango board marketing director.

POS order forms are available. Retailers should allow 10 business days for order shipping.