SALINAS, Calif. — The Salinas City Council overturned a ban on big-box stores late June 2 but may impose harsher rules on Wal-Mart if it fails to pay for major road improvements.

The split 4-3 vote rescinds a March ordinance that limits to 5% floor space for nontaxable items in any store of 90,000 square feet or larger. California does not charge sales tax on food and pharmaceuticals.

Wal-Mart has plans to open a second location in Salinas but Aaron Rios, senior manager for public affairs, wouldn’t agree publicly to pay beyond what it’s required for major road improvements. Rios said he wants dialogue with city officials before reaching an agreement.

Many prominent produce companies joined the public fight to get the ordinance overturned, including Taylor Farms and Mann Packing Co. Though produce companies and Wal-Mart succeeded in getting the rule thrown out, the City Council also said it may consider requiring a conditional use permit on companies that want to open stores larger than 75,000 square feet, including Wal-Mart.

The permit adds an extra layer of environmental reviews and economic analysis before a project is approved.