Gourmet Trading Co. has found a natural promotion partner for blueberries in “The Smurfs” movie.

“Smurfberries just happen to look exactly like blueberries,” said marketing manager Julia Inestroza, referring to a staple of the characters’ diet.

The Los Angeles-based company will feature a Smurfs tie-in on retail clamshells May 15 through Aug. 15. A peel-off label will direct consumers to a website where they can enter a code to win either a $5 movie ticket discount or a desktop background, which displays Smurfs characters and the Gourmet Trading logo.

The movie is scheduled for release July 29. The tie-in period coincides with the California and Oregon blueberry season. The clamshells come in 4.4, 6 and 11 ounces.

“We really feel this is going to help drive sales of blueberries to possibly a different consumer base,” Inestroza said. “They’re a cartoon that’s extremely popular among the early 30-somethings out there. If you mention the Smurfs (to that age group), 75% will say they have a fond memory. They and others who identify with the Smurfs craze will buy them and put them in kids’ lunches.”

It’s a national promotion, Inestroza said, though most of the action may be on the West Coast because of competing blueberry programs in New Jersey.

“There will be the supply to back up a national program,” she said. “If retailers want to do specific promotions, if some want to go big on this, we would love to entertain their ideas.”

Smurfs, blueberries a fit for Gourmet Trading

Courtesy Gourmet Trading Co.