Stemilt Growers Inc., the Wenatchee, Wash.-based apple-pear giant, has rolled out fall-winter promotions featuring the two commodities just as the fall harvests are beginning.

Stemilt promotions launch pear, apple harvests

New for 2009 is “What a Pear,” a campaign that promotes the compatibility of fresh pears and cheeses, Roger Pepperl, marketing director, said in a news release.

Stemilt has designed four large point-of-sale cards for the promotion; each card features a different pear variety with a specific cheese:

  •  red anjou with brie;
  •  bartlett with gouda;
  •  anjou with goat cheese; and
  •  bosc with white cheddar.

“The pear category has untapped potential; there are plenty of opportunities to reach new customers,” Pepperl said in the release. “This promotion entices shoppers to purchase pears by giving them a new way to incorporate the fruit into their diets.”

To maintain consumer interest and drive category sales, Stemilt recommends that retailers feature a different pear-cheese combination each month, Pepperl said.

Stemilt has redesigned its “Crunch before Lunch” promotion with new point-of-sale cards and posters that highlight the health benefits of eating apples.

The “Crunch before Lunch” promotion stems from a 2007 Penn State University research project that found adults who consumed a whole apple 15 minutes before eating lunch consumed nearly 190 fewer calories at lunch than did adults who snacked on other items or who did not eat pre-lunch snacks, the release said. Researchers attributed the eating of a solid, high-fiber food as the reason those who ate a whole apple filled up on fewer calories, according to the release.

 â€œCrunch before Lunch brings attention to health and nutrition, a popular topic among Americans today, while the What a Pear promotion appeals to curious consumers by providing them with a unique snack tip that is fun and easy to recall,” Pepperl said in the release.