VANCOUVER, British Columbia — For citrus lovers, recipes, usage tips and even coupons are only a click away, with Sunkist Growers Inc.’s new mobile marketing campaign.

Sunkist goes mobile with citrus campaign

Chris Koger

Sunkist displayed numerous new products and packages at the recent Canadian Produce Marketing Association expo in Vancouver, British Columbia, including Giro bags with handles for eight citrus varieties.

Bags of Sunkist oranges, grapefruit and lemons contain information on Kwik Lok labels directing consumers to text a number on their phones to receive a reply directing them to a mobile Web site containing entertaining tips, blogs by Sunkist chef Jill Davie, and nutrition and handling information. Consumers can even hand their phone to cashiers to scan coupons directly from the phone, or enter contests for treadmills and other items.

Sunkist director of retail marketing Julie DeWolf discussed the new program, along with new bags, in-store displays and other items at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s convention and expo May 13-14.

The mobile marketing campaign

“We’re just looking for different ways to interact with consumers,” DeWolf said.

The company is also building its organic product line, now with lemons, satsumas and other mandarins, grapefruit and navel and valencia oranges. The organic citrus is available in cartons and mesh bags.

Sunkist also displayed numerous other new products and packages, including:

  • Giro bags with handles for eight citrus varieties, including cara cara oranges, Shasta Gold mandarins and moro blood oranges. “It’s a great place to educate the consumers about the product,” DeWolf said about the mesh bags and plastic labels.
  • Quarter-bins that can display bulk citrus or two cartons side-by-side. Interchangeable poster-size cards relay nutrition and other information, without involving extra labor in the produce department, she said.
  • A lemon display designed as a stand-alone in the seafood department. The secondary displays feature rip-off recipe cards for fish dishes. Sunkist launched the displays across North America and Asia in January.