ORLANDO, Fla.—Sunkist Growers’ entire booth at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit 2010 was filled with new products, packaging, displays—and that wasn’t all. The Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based company also launched new online features, including an application and mobile site.

Sunkist launches Sunkist Smiles, retail displays and mobile site

Ashley Bentley

Sunkist Growers debuted its Sunkist Smiles clementines and mandarins with bright packaging meant to grab the attention of moms looking for snacks for their kids at the grocery store., says Julie DeWolf, director of retail marketing.

The biggest introduction for the company is its Sunkist Smiles lines of clementines and mandarins, said Julie DeWolf, director of retail marketing.

“We’re rebranding those items, focusing more on youth, children, and keeping in mind our target of moms with kids in the house,” DeWolf said. “The packaging is bright, shiny and happy.”

Sunkist Smiles are available in 5-pound trays and 2-, 3- or 5-pound Giro bags.

This winter, the company plans to debut a 10-pound box in addition to its classic one-third carton for navel oranges, which weighs roughly 13 pounds. In North America, the 10-pound boxes will be available in two new designs, one with a winter, holiday them and one summer box featuring a beach scene.

“We’re trying to help retailers find a more attractive price point for their customers,” DeWolf said. “Before their choices were only a one-third carton or an eight-pound bag.”

It also has three new displays to hold citrus, one which pops up in two steps and holds three stacked cases of citrus, a cone display meant to take up a small footprint and hold one case of fruit, and a quarter bin that allows retailers to create a waterfall effect when used in front of a table display. The displays have interchangeable header cards so retailers can use the same displays for different items.

Sunkist launches Sunkist Smiles, retail displays and mobile site

Ashley Bentley

A small-footprint retail display that holds one case of fruit is one of three new displays available for retailers who sell Sunkist Growers' citrus.

“Everything’s starting with navel season, which is coming up here in a few weeks,” DeWolf said.

It also has a new 4-pound clamshell for meyer lemons.

“Meyer lemons are kind of a niche item, and we’re trying to bring them more into the mainstream,” DeWolf. “We love the flavor profile in California.”

The company’s highly anticipated seedless lemons are just hitting the market as well, DeWolf said. The company has been shipping the item in bulk for a short time, but plans to add a 1-pound net bag to its product offerings.

Sunkist’s new Daily Diet Review app allows users to keep a food and exercise diary on their mobile phones and have access to suggestions for more healthful alternatives to some of their food choices. The company’s new mobile site, m.sunkist.com, also went live in the last few weeks, said DeWolf said.

As an extension to its annual hockey promotion in Canada, Sunkist plans to give away 10 gift cards worth $100 each at a sporting goods store every day for 90 days this winter. To promote the sweepstakes, the company is building a microsite that allows users to enter online, as well as adding instructions for entry through text messaging or Facebook to its packaging for boxes of oranges.

“We’re doing a lot more with media this year,” DeWolf said. “And we will have some TV, and we rarely do TV.”

That promotion is set to run January through March in Canada, DeWolf said. Commercials should air on Canada’s sports stations, including TSN and RDJ.