Natural and organic consumers may not be going anywhere, but they may be bringing more with them.

More coupons and ads, that is. A recent survey by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, Collingswood, N.J., revealed that most are not willing to give up their natural and organic purchases, but many are looking for better deals.

While a vast majority, 87%, of respondents are not willing to cut natural and organic products out of their diets, almost half said they were adjusting their organic buying and eating habits, according to a news release.

The survey revealed consumers are more selective, 67%, buy more on sale, 65%, use more coupons, 50%, and buy more store brand and private label organics, 48%.

Private label organics made it to respondents' shopping list regularly or occasionally for 88% of consumers surveyed. A quarter said the recession spurred them buying more. Many of these purchases were outside the produce deparment, though.

Those consumers' buying habits may be changed forever, as 52% said they will and 32% said they may continue to use their new buying habits.