The lineup of specialty potatoes marketed by Tasteful Selections LLC includes about 20 stock-keeping units.

The Bancroft, Wis.-based company joined as a joint venture of Bancroft-based RPE; Watertown, S.D.-based CSS Farms Inc.; Stevens Point, Wis.-based Plover River Farms Inc.; and Carrollton, Texas-based Pro-Health in early January.

The brand should start hitting shelves around May 1, said Russell Wysocki, president of RPE, which is marketing the brand. The brand will be available to retailers nationwide.

“We felt strongly that to effectively bring a new product to the market like this we have to have enough supply to merchandise, market and promote it to the consumers,” he said.

“If you have a small offering it’s very difficult to get the consumer market to work for us, so we decided to pull out all the stops.”

The potatoes are grown on a 1,200-acre operation in Bakersfield, Calif.

Products include fingerling potatoes, small potatoes in red, white, yellow and purple varieties and in sizes ranging from marble and peewee to standard B and C.

Tasteful Selections plans to key in on flavor descriptors to help consumers understand the “unique taste and texture profiles of each product.”

To do that, Tasteful Selections plans to go beyond the standard yellow, red, white and purple categories with its “Signature Flavors,” which are varieties identified by blind consumer taste panels to have superior and unique taste.

Honey Golds — a yellow-skinned, yellow-fleshed potato with a smooth creamy interior and a sweet, buttery taste — are the first up in Tasteful Selections’ signature flavors.

Tasteful Selections introduces product line