Testa Produce Inc., Chicago, is celebrating 10 years of local produce sales with its third year of Testa-to-Farm.

On July 27, Peter Testa, company president, took more than 50 customers on field trips to local growers, including Costanza Farms, Gary Bartley Farms and SMP Marketing.“We’ve seen more than 10-fold growth in sales of local produce since we started focusing on this part of our business,” Testa said in a news release. “We’ve also seen a 30% to 40% increase in fresh products that we’re able to source locally.”

Testa works with up to 40 local farms, each of which is certified and, in many cases, third-party audited. It is currently offering about 40 locally grown products, but that number fluctuates and Testa sends out weekly lists with the local availability.“Even customers who don’t specify local get local when the products are in season,” Courtney Barton, corporate chef, said the release. “It’s always what we lead with when we can. The quality is superior and the prices on local are typically significantly lower.”