Paramount Citrus Assoc., Delano, Calif., plans to fire the afterburners on the already fast-growing sales of its Cuties line of mandarins.

TV campaign set to launch for Cuties mandarins

A series of five television commercials will begin airing in Atlanta, Ga., Chicago and Phoenix, Ariz. on Feb. 21, said Joan Wickham, a spokeswoman in the corporate communications department of Paramount Citrus.

“We’re very excited about the campaign,” Wickham said Feb. 1. “We shot the commercials last week with some very, very cute kids.”

The thrust of the commercial messages will be that Cuties are the perfect treat for children.

“They’re seedless and easy to peel,” Wickham said. “Cuties are a nutritious snack that kids want and that moms can feel good about.”

Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix were selected, because “they are big marketing targets for us,” Wickham said.

“We’re kind of looking at this campaign as a test marketing scenario that will hopefully roll out wider in coming years,” she said.

Paramount is still finalizing the advertising schedule, Wickham said, but the commercials will most likely be aired during morning and prime time network television programs.

The Cuties’ commercials are not a first for Paramount’s parent company, Roll International Corp., Los Angeles. It has used television commercials to help market commodities from other divisions, such as Pom Wonderful fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice and its Wonderful pistachios.

The Cuties line of specialty citrus is a joint venture with Sun Pacific Shippers, Los Angeles.