Raley's Supermarkets is recalling HDC-brand cantaloupes after the Food and Drug Administration reported a sample of the fruit tested positive for salmonella.

UPDATED: Raley’s recalls cantaloupes after positive salmonella find

Officials from the Sacramento, Calif.–based chain on Dec. 17 publicized the recall of the fruit, distributed by Vandervoet & Associates Inc., Nogales, Ariz., sold at Raley’s, Nob Hill and Food Source banner stores after the FDA notified it of a positive test.

The FDA conducted the test in one of Raley’s distribution centers.

Brian Vandervoet, Vandervoet & Associates’ owner, said he initiated the voluntary recall after the positive find and said his operation is expecting results from its own private sampling the week of Dec. 27.

He said people should notice the timeline of the cantaloupes’ shipment.

“It is also important to know that the melons were sampled Dec. 6, approximately 9 days after their entry into the U.S.,” Vandervoet said. “The results from the lab came back Dec. 17, 21 days after their importation into the U.S. It speaks for itself.”

The cantaloupes in question were sold in stores Dec. 4-17.

“Once we were notified by the FDA of the test results, we immediately pulled all implicated cantaloupes from all of our stores and destroyed them,” Ashley Zepernick, a Raley’s spokeswoman, said in a news release. “We also isolated all implicated cantaloupes at our distribution center and destroyed them.”

Stores removed the product from the shelves on Dec. 17. The recall does not affect cantaloupes being sold by the stores in late December, according to the release.

No one has reported any illnesses, Vandervoet said.

The cantaloupe originated from Sonora, Mexico, and are shipped under the HDC label for a group of growers that Vandervoet exclusively represents.