Country-of-origin labeling has gone viral.

Perhaps not as viral as Dance Dance Evolution, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture has created and posted a video on YouTube to inform consumers about the country-of-origin labeling regulation for fresh produce and other commodities.

The video is set in a supermarket and a camera follows a young woman pushing a shopping cart to various departments in the store.

“This sticker tells me that this orange is from South Africa and these bananas are from Honduras and these carrots from the United States,” the woman says in the video.

The video explains what items are covered and that country-of-origin labels have nothing to do with food safety.

It also explains exceptions to the law, such as when different fresh-cut commodities are combined. The video also notes that the law allows multiple countries to be listed on the label.

The USDA began a YouTube channel in January 2008 and has 295 subscribers.

The USDA’s Office of Communications said on the YouTube site that educational video features, training videos and speeches would reach wider audiences when posted on public sites that offer a library of content.

USDA releases YouTube COOL video