Wegmans will place a Driscoll’s kiosk in the produce section of one of its stores this fall, which will allow customers to scan berries to verify where they originated.

The kiosk, which will be placed in Wegmans’ store in suburban Rochester, N.Y., where the grocer is based, will be a pilot program Wegmans hopes will ensure confidence in product safety, said Jo Natalie, media relations director at Wegmans. The kiosk is scheduled to go up in the store around Labor Day.

After putting out 46 recalls of products during all of 2008, Wegmans already has recalled 58 items so far this year. Natalie said 40 of those recalls were directly related to the salmonella outbreak in peanut products earlier this year.

With the Watsonville, Calif.-based Driscoll Strawberry Associates’ kiosk, consumers will be able to trace exactly where their berries came from. By scanning a bar code on the packaging, customers can trace the product to the farm where it was grown and the growing area.

Consumers also can go to Driscoll’s Web site at www. driscolls.com, click on “trace my berries” and enter a 16-digit bar code on the bottom of the packaging to get traceability information.

Wegmans expects other produce companies to soon join Driscoll’s in this project.

The kiosk was created by YottaMark, Redwood City, Calif.

“This is something we’ve been working with Driscoll’s on,” said Miz Nakajima, marketing communications manager at YottaMark. “It’s Driscoll’s-branded.”