TAMPA, Fla. — Wishnatzki Farms unveiled its new Wish Farms brand to college students and through a online media campaign, including a series of humorous YouTube videos.

On Jan. 19, the Plant City-based strawberry and vegetable grower-shipper gave University of South Florida students free clamshells of strawberries featuring Misty, the Wish Farms Garden Pixie.

The label also appears on Wishnatzki Farms’ bell pepper, squash and grape and cherry tomato packages.

Students waited in long lines for the free berries.

In introducing the new label, the 88-year-old Wishnatzki Farms launched an online campaign that utilizes social media and features a series of humor-themed videos that discuss the label through “Pixie Pete” — a warehouse worker played by Nick Wishnatzki, a New York-based actor and son of president and chief executive officer Gary Wishnatzki.

Wishnatzki brand features Misty the Pixie

Doug Ohlemeier

Gary Wishnatzki, president and chief executive officer of Wishnatzki Farms, Plant City, Fla., hands out free strawberries with the company’s new label at the University of South Florida in Tampa Jan. 19.

Wishnatzki brand features Misty the Pixie

For every view the videos receive through Jan. 26, Wishnatzki plans to contribute a dollar to the university’s matching grant scholarship.

“This is a tremendous effort and a great way for kids to get scholarships for college,” said Richard Dearolf, director of development for the university’s College of Education, who also works with Wishnatzki in his efforts to fund the university’s migrant worker education program. “Word gets out through the students and staff who send e-mails to each other and through social networking. Gary is providing the resources and means for the students to help each other.”

Wishnatzki brand features Misty the Pixie

Doug Ohlemeier

University of South Florida students line up to receive free strawberries Jan. 19 in Tampa.

Wishnatzki handed out up to 2,000 pounds of berries.

“I think this kick-off will work,” he said. “The students, who like free things, are loving it. I think this effort will go viral.”

Wishnatzki plans to up to $10,000 to the scholarship fund and the state plans to provide matching contributions.

Karen Woodworth, a spokeswoman for Wishnatzki Farms, said the company chose to use social media to convey its message because it allows Wishnatzki to create environments where consumers could become better acquainted with the Wish Farms brand and to interact with the company.

“Wishnatzki Farms has been receiving and responding to letters and emails from satisfied consumers for years,” she said.  “Now they are furthering those relationships by reaching out through social media, specifically through its web site, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel and  blog. With today’s event and the YouTube videos, we’ve literally brought the brand to life.”

Go here to view videos and read more about the new label.