PLANT CITY, Fla. — To help increase consumer recognition of its products, Wishnatzki Farms, one of the largest Florida strawberry grower-shippers, is preparing to roll out a new consumer label.

Wishnatzki Farms unveils new label

Wishnatzki Farms plans to replace its current label with the new Wish Farms label on Jan. 19.

The company plans to unveil the new Wish Farms label Jan. 19.

The label, which will replace the Wishnatzki Farms label, will still say “shipped by Wishnatzki Farms.”    

The grower-shipper planning to use the label on strawberries, bell peppers, squash and cherry and grape tomatoes sold in grocery stores. The label will also be used on Wishnatzki’s organic strawberries.

Gary Wishnatzki, Wishnatzki Farms’ president and chief executive officer, said the company began conducting consumer research more than a year ago through a marketing and public relations firm.

The focus group showed people often struggled spelling the Wishnatzki name.

“Our brand recognition quite frankly is relatively low now,” Wishnatzki said. “Unless it’s someone who knows us and has been buying our product, the name isn’t something you’d recognize like a national brand. Building our brand equity over time will be important to us as a company.”

Wishnatzki said people had already been calling Wishnatzki Farms Wish Farms and that it was natural to change its label to that name. The company’s Web site has long been

Wishnatzki said Jan. 19 should be a big day in the company’s history.

He said the company is planning a big marketing campaign to aggressively promote the new label to consumers and retailers.

The Wishnatzki Farms label has adorned berry and vegetable packs since 2001 when Wishnatzki and Hunts Point Terminal Market wholesaler Nathel & Nathel ended their longtime wholesaling and growing-shipping partnership called Wishnatzki & Nathel Inc.

The Wishnatzki name has been in the business since 1922 when the Wishnatzki & Nathel operation began.