(Oct. 3) SALINAS, Calif. — Fresh Express Inc. is entering the spinach segment with three new products and a new processing system designed for handling tender spinach leaves.

All three new products are being released nationwide simultaneously, just in time for introduction at this month’s Produce Marketing Association convention in New Orleans.

The first, Baby Spinach Trio with Arugula & Carrots, comes in a 6-ounce pack. The second, Spinach & Carrots, comes in the 9-ounce size popular in packaged salads.

The third is a larger 20-ounce package of mature leaf spinach. The larger package is for those who love spinach in salads or in cooking. The 20-ounce package also features a resealable zipper for convenience.

Fresh Express is introducing the products based on three independent research studies it commissioned that found that among spinach consumers, 83% said they wanted spinach with carrots, while 75% said they wanted a mix of baby spinach, arugula and carrots.

Fresh Express decided to use mature spinach leaves in the blend with carrots, after research found that half of spinach consumers cook the product. The company’s new processing line should help reduce damage to spinach and other tender leaf products, according to a news release.