(April 15) LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. — Though a new personal-sized watermelon line from Frieda's Inc. will be among the youngest in its class, company officials hope to position the newborn product as one of the most unique.

Unlike some of their competitors, the proprietary Waterbabies melons feature smooth, green skins, said Tristan Millar, director of marketing and business development for Frieda's. There also are no stripes on the melons’ surface.

The seedless, bright red-fleshed watermelons are available in five- to eight-count cases. Each melon is about eight inches in diameter.

Waterbabies were harvested for the first time in early April. However, Frieda’s has had the product in development for about a year, Millar said. She said it was too early to release volume projections in mid-April, but she said demand was high.

Frieda’s started taking orders for the product in March, Millar said.

“We’re selling out of it before we can even get it in,” she said.

Millar declined to release acreage figures for the Panama-grown melons. The products are shipped out of the company’s facility in Pompano Beach, Fla., a full-service warehouse that handles locally grown product and produce from Central and South America.

The company is positioning the product toward female consumers. Millar said the name would appeal to women, and labels on each melon include a short story about the Waterbabies.

The labels also feature serving suggestions, Price Look-Up numbers and preparation ideas. Millar said the produce would appeal to consumers for its palatable size.

“It kind of is like the evolution of the watermelon from seeds to no seeds, and now you go from seedless to a smaller size,” Millar said. “It’s just kind of in terms of the delivery of it — how to make it as simple and easy for the consumer to use.”

Frieda’s adds Waterbabies to melon lineup
Waterbabies melons, harvested for the first time in early April, feature smooth, green skins, says Tristan Millar, director of marketing and business development for Frieda’s Inc., Los Alamitos, Calif.