These produce companies will be exhibiting on the show floor Feb. 3-5 at Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Fruit Logistica North American exhibitors list


Ambassador Services Inc. — Hall 25./A-06
Port Canaveral, Fla.
Founded in 1984 bringing together a team of individuals with over 50 years of combined stevedoring experience. Ambassador Terminals has the equipment and know-how to offload just about any type of cargo that vessels bring into Port Canaveral.

Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers — Hall 23./B-01
Bard, Calif.
A growing cooperative of date growers, the Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers Association produces 70% of all medjool dates in California, which is the larg-est producing medjool date area in the world.

California Table Grape Commission — Hall 23./B-01
The California Table Grape Commission’s mandate is to maintain and expand markets for fresh California grapes and to create new and larger intrastate, inter-state, and foreign markets.

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California Tree Fruit Agreement — Hall 23./B-01
The California Tree Fruit Agreement represents California’s more than 1,100 growers of fresh peaches, plums and nectarines. CTFA programs include production and marketing research, quality control and market development functions.

CF Fresh — Hall 23./B-01
Sedro Woolley, Wash.
CF Fresh sells organically grown products from the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Chelan Fresh Marketing — Hall 23./B-01
Chelan, Wash.
Chelan Fresh Marketing was established in August 2004 as a result of mergers and acquisitions and holds the sales and marketing responsibilities for Gebbers Farms and Chelan Fruit Cooperative.
Chelan Fresh Marketing serves as the link between the growers and the retailers to move fresh fruit. Chelan Fresh Marketing provides the vehicle for 419 grow-ers to market their fresh fruit products.

U.S. Apple Export Council — Hall 23./B-01
Arlington, VA 22207
The US Apple Export Council is a nonprofit trade association that represents 11 apple-producing states in the USA. The council has a European representative based in London.

Bedford Industries Inc.— Hall 3.1/D-16
Worthington, Minn.
Bedford Industries Inc., a family-owned company founded in 1966, started as a manufacturer of wire twist ties. Bedford has expanded into all types of identifica-tion products, elastomer integrations, adhesive technology, specialized bundling ties, Bendable Components, packaging reclosures, promotional marketing, tying equipment, strapping and fasteners.

Exeter Engineering — Hall 4.1/A-16
Exeter, Calif.
A stainless steel fabricator that manufactures sorting, washing and accumulation equipment.

Gloucester Terminals LLC Holt Logistics — Hall 25./A-06
Gloucester City, N.J.
Growers Union LLC Sofresco — Hall 23./A-04
Laredo, Texas

KPG Solutions Inc. — Hall 23./B-01
Longwood, Fla.
KPG provides business management solutions specializing in fresh produce production and processing and food manufacturing.

Kwik Lok Corp. — Hall 3.1/A-08
Yakima, Wash.
Kwik Lok manufactures a well-known all-plastic bag closure that offers the consumer a package that is easy to open and equally easy to reclose. Kwik Lok also offers semiautomatic and automatic bag-closing equipment.

Macro Plastics — Hall 23./B-01
2250 Huntington Drive
Fairfield, Calif.

Maxim Integrated Products in partnership with Fairbridge Technologies — Hall 23./A-09
4401 South Beltwood Parkway

Miatech, Inc. — Hall 23./A-09
9480, SE Lawnfield Road
Clackamas, Ore.

OTC-USA Inc. — Hall 3.2/B-03
Stoneham, Mass.
OTC-USA is a specialized organic importer for the USA and Canadian markets. OTC-USA supplier organic wholesalers, distributors and chain stores with certi-fied organic fruits and vegetables.

PakSense — Hall 23./B-01
Boise, Idaho
PakSense manufactures the Ultra Label, which monitors temperature and time of a perishable item through distribution.

Produce Marketing Association — Hall 23./C-01
Newark, Del.

Purfresh Inc.— Hall 23./B-01
Fremont,, Calif.
Purfresh is a diversified clean technology company focused on providing solutions to the fresh produce industry that combine sound research and creative inno-vation with practical application. Purfresh products—include crop protection, food wash systems, and cold chain technologies.

Seald Sweet International — Hall 5.2/A-03
Vero Beach, Fla.
Seald Sweet was founded in 1909 as the grower-owned cooperative named the Florida Citrus Exchange, primarily as a supplier of Florida citrus. Through nearly a century of progress and the merger with Univeg, Seald Sweet is now a global source of the complete citrus category and has expanded offerings to other commodities such as pears and grapes.

SSA Marine — Hall 25./A-06
San Pedro, Calif.
SSA Marine and its affiliates operate cargo terminals.

Tom Lange International Inc. doing business as Seven Seas Hall 23/B-01
Springfield, Ill.
With a customer base in more than two dozen countries, Seven Seas has access to major buyers of produce throughout the world. International markets which Seven Seas covers include: the U.S.; Canada; the United Kingdom; North, East and South Europe; Scandinavia; Russia; the Middle East; Southeast Asia; China; Korea and Japan. Depending on the specific market dynamics, Seven Seas supplies both supermarkets and wholesale traders in these markets. (Source:

USA Pavilion — Hall 23./B-01

Washington Apple Commission — Hall 23./B-01
The primary purpose of the commission is advertising, promotion, education and market development for the Washington fresh apple crop.


Accu-Label Inc. — Hall 23./C-02
Leamington, Ontario

Bay Growers' Cooperative Ltd. — Hall 23./C-02
Clarksburg, Ontario
The Bay Growers' Co-operative is an apple storage and packing facility operated by 22 shareholders in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario.

British Columbia Blueberry Council — Hall 23./C-02
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Canadian Produce Marketing Association — Hall 23./C-02
Ottawa, Ontario

Catania Worldwide — Hall 23./B-01

HZPC Americas Corp. — Hall 1.2/E-15
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
HZPC Americas Corp., the North American seed potato partner of HZPC Holland BV. HZPC Americas Corp. represents the entity created from the merger of De ZPC BV and Hettema BV seed potato companies. These former companies collectively represent more than 170 years of operation in the potato seed industry.

Jealous Fruits — Hall 23./C-02
Lake Country, British Columbia
Jealous Fruits is avertically integrated cherry producer in Canada. All cherries sold by Jealous Fruits are grown only in its family orchards, and packed only in its facility.

Knight's Appleden Ltd. — Hall 23./C-02
Colborne, Ontario

Norfolk Fruit Growers' Association — Hall 23./C-02
Simcoe, Ontario
The Norfolk Fruit Growers’ Association is a grower owned cooperative Association located in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1906 and is mainly focused on apples. The Association stores, packs and markets apples on behalf of its members. It is experienced in both export and domestic markets and markets both processing and fresh apples.

Scotian Gold Cooperative Ltd. — Hall 23./C-02
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
Scotian Gold operates on a 38-acre site to provide its growers with the centralized facilities for the storage, packing and marketing of their fresh apple crop. The company began as The United Fruit Cos. of Nova Scotia Ltd. in 1912. It claims to be the largest apple packing and storage operation in eastern Canada.


Agricola El Sifon S. de PR de RL — Hall 25./A-04

Agriver SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Agroindustrial Sonora SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Agroproductores La Flor de Villanueva SPR de RI — Hall 25./A-04

APEAM (Asociacón de Productores y Empacadores Exportadores de Aguacate de Michoacán, A.C.) — Hall 25./A-04

B&S Grupo Exportador SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Citricola CH SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Citricos Cadillo SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Comercializadora Exquisita de Puebla S.P.R. de R.L. de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Comite Nacional Sistema Producto Ajo AC — Hall 25./A-04

Consejo de promocion de nopal y tuna — Hall 25./A-04

Domadi S de RL de CV — Hall 25./A-04

El Tabernal SPR de RI — Hall 25./A-04

Empacadora El Derby SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

EmpresasTajin SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Exportadora de Cítricos San Gabriel SA DE CV — Hall 25./A-04

Exportadora Internacional de Frutas SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Fresh Kampo Internacional SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Frutas Finas de Tancitaro SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Frutas y Hortalizas Orgánicas de Michoacán México SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Fruticola Florencya SPR de RI — Hall 25./A-04

Grupo Agricola Martinez S.P.R. de R.L. — Hall 25./A-04

Grupo Heres, S. de RL de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Empaque de Mangos del Pacífico SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Mexbest — Hall 25./A-04

México Citrus Farms SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Grupo Agricola el Palenque SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Productores Cuatli SPR de RL — Hall 25./A-04

Promotora Mexicana Gartán SA de C.V — Hall 25./A-04

Proyectos Agrícolas SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Los Rancheros Hermanos Narvaez S.C. de R.L. — Hall 25./A-04

Sergio Eduardo Valencia Espinosa — Hall 25./A-04

Sun Belle Mexico SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Tabascos SPR. de RL de CV — Hall 25./A-04

Union Agricola de la Sierra del Estado de Tabasco Productores de Platano — Hall 25./A-04

Asociacion Agricola Local de Productores de Uva de Mesa — Hall 25./A-04

Veca Produce SA de CV — Hall 25./A-04