Fruit and vegetable prices are up from a year ago, but potato prices are down.

August fruit and nut prices were up 12% from August 2009, vegetable prices up 6.4% and potato prices down 5.5%, according to the Aug. 31 Agricultural Prices report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Fruit and nut prices also were up from July 2010, rising 3.9%. Price jumps for strawberries, grapes, apples, peaches and lemons more than offset drops in pear, oranges and grapefruit prices.

Vegetable and cantaloupe prices, however, fell 7.5% month to month, led by lower lettuce, onion, cantaloupe, celery, carrot, cauliflower, snap bean and broccoli prices. Sweet corn and tomato prices rose from July to August.

While potato prices fell year to year, they climbed from July to August, according to the report. At $9.16 per cwt., the price was down 45 cents from August 2009 but up 33 cents from July.

Strawberry prices rose from $62 per cwt. in July to $79 in August. Grapes climbed from $750 to $760 per ton, apples from 30 to 32 cents per pound, peaches from $512 to $520 per ton and lemons from $13.86 to $16.60 per box.

Pear prices dropped from $594 to $441 per ton, oranges from $8.67 to $7.49 per box and grapefruit from $4.10 to $2.70 per box.

Lettuce prices fell from $26 to $18.90 per cwt. from July to August, onions from $21.40 to $11.50 per cwt., cantaloupes from $15.70 to $9.90 per cwt., carrots from $27.10 to $27 per cwt., celery from $15.90 to $13.90 per cwt., snap beans from $89.60 to $85.90 per cwt. and broccoli from $29.30 to $25 per cwt.

Sweet corn prices rose from $19.60 to $22.40 per cwt. and tomato prices from $34.30 to $35.40 per cwt.

The report also included price data on input costs. August fuel prices were up 2.2% from July and 14% from last year. Fertilizer prices are down 1.7% from July and 2.9% from August 2009. Chemical prices were up .7% from July but unchanged from last year.