(Jan. 2) Fyffes PLC has split its general and tropical produce divisions into two separate companies.

Fyffes Inc., Coral Gables, Fla., deferred comment to the company’s headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and a spokesman there could not be reached for comment. Shareholders approved the change Dec. 5.

The company said on its Web site that its tropical fruit division will continue to use the Fyffes name, while the general produce division will be called Total Produce.

Fyffes shareholders were to receive one share of Total Produce for each Fyffes share held on Dec. 29.

The split also will affect the way the companies’ shares are traded. Fyffes planned to delist from the Irish Stock Exchange to the Irish Enterprise Exchange and from the Official List of the United Kingdom Listing Authority to the London Stock Exchange. Total Produce shares were expected to start trading Jan. 2.

Fyffes, according to the company’s Web site, hopes the changes will allow greater transparency in the financial performance of both divisions.

Total Produce, in particular, could benefit from separation from the more volatile tropical division, which sources product on an annual, fixed-price basis and sells on short-term price basis. Total Produce, meanwhile, is subject to less market risks because it buys produce on a daily and weekly basis.

According to a stock exchange announcement provided by the company, Total Produce started operations Dec. 31 with $13.1 million in debt and more than $263 million in net assets.