(Aug. 15) KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Accountants at more than 110 produce companies across the U.S. should circle Sept. 16 on their calendars.

That’s when the first prorated payout in the Gallo Produce Food Products Inc. Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act case is scheduled. PACA creditors have made claims of about $2.3 million in the case, said Katy Koestner, an attorney with the Naples, Fla.-based Meuers Law Firm, which represents 31 creditors in the case.

“It has been progressing smoothly, and there haven’t been any major pitfalls or issues encountered,” Koestner said.

As of June 13, about $1.3 million of Gallo Produce’s accounts were earmarked for PACA creditor accounts overseen by Kansas City attorneys representing Gallo and creditors, Koestner said. However, the Kansas City, Mo., branch of U.S. Bank NA has laid claim to more than $800,000 in principal and interest that it loaned to Gallo Produce on April 26, 2000, two years before the company shut its doors.

The court hasn’t entered a decision on the bank’s claim, according to court documents.

Gallo’s chief executive officer, Rosemary Gallo, is listed as a co-defendant in the case, and Koestner said she is responsible for liquidating the company’s receivables to ensure creditors are paid.