(Aug. 8, 2:30 p.m.) As of Sept. 1, Valley Shore Farms, Moultrie, Ga., is closing its doors, said president Joe McQueen.

This time last year, the grower shipper was preparing to plant its 300-acre cabbage crop. The high cost of growing outweighed returns, however, and made shutting down operations the only viable option this year, McQueen said.

“Growing costs have gotten so expensive and all — and compared to the risk — we’ve just all chosen to discontinue business,” McQueen said.

“We hate to do it,” he said. “We’ve been in the business quite a long time. It’s just the risk of doing it — we’ve got to make a living somewhere.”

Valley Shore is in the process of closing out its books and will close officially Sep. 1.

The company, first incorporated in 1962, closed a Hastings, Fla., location in 2007, according to Red Book Credit Services, a sister company to The Packer. Valley Shore specialized in cabbage, shipping spring and late fall crops from Moultrie.

For right now, McQueen said he doesn’t expect the company to re-open in the future.

As for his own plans, McQueen said he doesn’t have any yet.