(Aug. 22, 1:10 p.m.) On Aug. 22, customers started seeing traces of the new look for Giant and Stop & Shop supermarkets.

A new logo, employee uniforms, redesigned store platforms and new features such as enhanced fresh prepared foods and a “family-friendly” checkout lane are part of changes scheduled to take place over the next year and a half to three years, said Faith Weiner, director of public affairs for Stop & Shop Supermarkets/Giant Foods LLC, which is owned by Zaandam, Netherlands-based Royal Ahold NV.

All 559 Giant and Stop & Shop stores will begin to implement the new logo and format changes and some will be fully remodeled, Weiner said.

“Customers will start to see new things in every single store,” Weiner said. “This is a gradual process that will end with a new logo on the front of the building and will roll out over the next 18 to 36 months.”

The new logo is bright, colorful and reflects a fresh new image that customers indicated they wanted, Weiner said.

The produce department already has undergone dramatic changes chainwide over the past two years as Giant and Stop & Shop implemented its value improvement program.

“We evaluated our entire produce department and improved and lowered prices,” she said.

Easy Shopping

One new thing coming with the redesign gives customers more control over their shopping and checkout experience.

“We do have what we call ‘weigh it,’ which is part of our Easy Shop technology so customers can scan produce and weigh it and put a sticker on it in the produce department to make it simpler during checkout,” Weiner said.

Easy-Shop is designed for the do-it-yourself shopper who likes to frequent self-checkout lanes. It is available in newly-remodeled stores and helps customers streamline their shopping experience, she said.

“It’s part of the commitment to change for our customers by giving them new and updated technology so they have a choice,” Weiner said. “There are some that prefer to bag it and scan it on their own.”

The technology also is expanding in the deli department. Consumers no longer have to wait in line to have custom-cut products. Instead, they can order from a kiosk and will be notified when their purchase is ready to be picked up.

The stores also are providing a family-friendly checkout lane free of tabloids and candy that offers healthful snack alternatives such as yogurt, animal crackers and bottled water.

Changes like these reflect the new image for Giant and Stop & Shop, Weiner said.

“Extensive research has brought us here,” she said. “We look at this new logo and new look as the beginning of a journey over the next 18-36 months, and we expect to roll out exciting new things for our customers.”