(April 7) OXNARD, Calif. — Gills Onions has introduced a retail pack that is designed to reduce the odor normally associated with onions.

Nelia Alamo, director of sales and marketing for Gills, said the packages were developed in the past few years by Gills working with a film manufacturer to create a film with a protective barrier that seals in aroma.

“It’s an improvement we found to hold all of the onion odors in,” she said. “That was a real issue with our old packaging. It would just stink up the refrigerator. The new film has eliminated that issue altogether.”

While she declined to give out the proprietary details of the film, Alamo said the updated packaging is more rigid than its predecessor, allowing for quicker and easier display set-ups at retail.

“It’s a clearer, crisper film that actually displays a little bit nicer,” she said.

The packs are available in the same 10-ounce sizes as before. The new packaging material is being used for all of Gills’ retail onion lines — diced yellow onions, sliced red and yellow onions, and a celery and diced onion mix. Sweet onions are also offered on a seasonal basis.

Alamo said the packaging maintains the same shelf life as before — 16 days from the date the product is processed.