(Feb. 12) The California Table Grape Commission did not have to look far to fill one of two newly-created director of marketing positions. One position went to Jane Lytle, the commission’s assistant director of domestic marketing and a member of the staff for 12 years. The commission’s other new director of marketing is Carolyn Hughes, who has been in the California fresh produce industry for two decades.

“Every year Jane has taken on more and more responsibility and continues to do a good job,” said Jim Howard, the commission’s vice president. “So the latest expansion of duties seemed appropriate and to have a promotion in there at the same time.”

Lytle will take on more responsibility for setting up promotions with domestic retailers and assisting with the commission’s overall marketing program, Howard said. The added responsibility includes additional retail accounts and more face-to-face meetings with those retailers.

Hughes is actually returning to the commission. She began her career with the commission before taking positions with the California Fig Advisory Board, Fresno, and the Fresno-based California Tomato Commission until it was dissolved last year.

A Kansas native who grew up on a family farm, Lytle joined the commission staff soon after earning a marketing degree at Texas A&M University. Her first job with the commission was as an assistant to the then-vice president of marketing.

“My climb through the ranks just sort of evolved,” Lytle said. “I’m excited about the challenges of my new position.”

First up for Lytle, she said, is working with Cindy Plummer, vice president of domestic marketing, in finalizing plans for the upcoming May through December promotions.

Hughes will focus on international marketing but will also assist the domestic marketing efforts.