(Jan. 8, 1:52 p.m.) Frank Guidera, owner and founder of the Frank H. Guidera Co., Edison, Calif., has retired after nearly 60 years in the Kern County table grape industry.

He has sold his acreage and is in the process of selling his farm equipment, Guidera said, but he still plans to do limited marketing of early season table grapes.

“I’m 82 years old, and I’m moving pretty slowly,” he said. “So I’ll just wait ‘til the sun comes out to see what I can do.”

Guidera and his parents moved to Shafter in 1946, he said. His father founded H.A. Guidera & Son, where Guidera worked for more than three decades.

He struck out on his own in 1976 when he founded Frank H. Guidera Co. He also owned and operated a trucking company, Edison Transport.

Among the highlights of his nearly six decades in Kern County farming, Guidera said, were the people with whom he worked, from growers to cannery employees to customers. Another highlight was the table grapes he produced.

“If you can improve on what you have, if the next year the grapes are better, that made me feel good,” Guidera said.

None of his three sons sought to continue in the family business, Guidera said. He jokingly recalled discussing the issue with his oldest son.

“I said do you want to gamble two or three years or go to town to get a job?” Guidera remembered. “He came back and said he was going to town.”