(Sept. 21) Grimmway Farms, Bakersfield, Calif., is introducing new packaging for its baby peeled carrots, and the company plans to revamp the rest of its product line.

The complete packaging redesign is for all whole, cut and peeled baby carrots along with the company’s value-added carrot products, which include chips, coins and microwaveable carrots. The new look began last year with the company’s organic line.

“We updated our Cal Organics brand,” said Phil Gruszka, vice president of marketing. “Because that was so well received, we decided it was time to go for the mother ship.”

The first of the baby carrots in the new packages began arriving in stores the week of Sept. 17. The company plans to display the packaging for the full line at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2007 on Oct. 12-15 in Houston.

Unchanged in the redesign, however, is one feature long-identified with Grimmway Farms.

“We wanted to keep the logo intact to give consumers recognition,” Gruszka said. “We’d been adding a lot of products over the years, and it got a little hodgepodge.”

Though relatively new compared to other products in the 39-year-old company’s inventory, the baby carrot items were selected first among the conventionally grown items for redesigned packaging because of their popularity.

Baby carrot items make up 70% of the sales volume for Grimmway Farms, Gruszka said, adding that the company’s value-added and organic products are growing at double-digit annual rates.

The packaging redesign enables Grimmway Farms to boast about the company’s most recent honor. American Culinary ChefsBest, an independent judging organization of chefs, gave Grimmway Farms its best taste award this summer.

“They told us the chefs were able to pick our carrots out from among the competition,” Gruszka said.

Grimmway’s got a brand new bag
Redesigned packaging for baby peeled carrots leads the way for a new look for the rest of Grimmway Farms’ product line.