(UPDATED COVERAGE, 11:45 A.M., MAY 6) In response to requests from the Food and Drug Administration, the Eloy, Ariz.-based alfalfa sprout grower that supplied salmonella contaminated sprouts to a California distributor in April has recalled its own sprout products.

Grower, supplier of salmonella-tainted sprouts recalls own product

It has not been determined at what stage in the process the sprouts were contaminated, but they were collected and tested at a produce market in Los Angeles, said Yue-Shen Hsiao, spokesman for Los Angeles Calco, the distributor of the sprouts. Calco ordered the sprouts from Arizona Hydroponic Farming to meet extra demand in California.

“I’m not putting my label on any products I don’t grow anymore,” Hsiao said. “I’m not taking that risk.”

FDA tests at both facilities have been negative so far. The seeds used were not sourced from Louisville, Ky.-based Caudill Seed Co., which has been identified by the FDA as the source of suspect lots of alfalfa sprout seeds related to recent Salmonella Saintpaul cases.

No illnesses have been reported in relation to this issue as of May 4.

AZ Hydroponic Farming recalled its already expired 4-ounce alfalfa sprouts. The clear plastic package is labeled with either an Arizona Hydroponic Farming expiration date of April 18, or an LA Calco expiration date of April 23.

This is the fourth recall from a sprout grower or supplier since a string of the cases began in March, all related to salmonella or listeria. Caudill Seed Co. withdrew certain lots of its seed May 1 because of suspected Salmonella Saintpaul.